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Remove malware & fix Hacked site


If website is hacked?
1) Your website could be taken offline completely or defaced.
2) Customer data could be stolen and often shared or sold.
3) Even credit card details on your computer could be stolen.
4) Google can can blacklist your website and show warning sign to visitors damaging your reputation and stopping visitors continuing through your website.
5) Your email can be hijacked and spam can be sent out via your domain.
6) Your email services can be hacked.

How we can help it out in this situation.
1) We take a full backup of your website files and database.
2) We cleanse this on our local side and remove all the malwares from the code and database.
3) We provide all the files with latest secure wordpress version.
4) Changed password for security purpose.
5) Check virus from all the aspects.